The experience is the value of the new
The wood sculptor Guido Formenti was born in 1963 in Agnosine, where he is still living. Agnosine is a little village placed in the mountains of Brescia, near Trentino, between Idro’s lake and Garda’s lake.

Since his childhood, the charming environment in which he lived and grew up has aroused in him passion and respect for the nature and all that characterizes its beauty.

When he was a little boy he used to engrave with passion stylized faces; with the passing of the time he succeeded in making complete figures of a growing artistic value. When he was 26 he decided to build a social workshop in order to transmit passion and knowledge to other young people. In 90’s he took part with success in many local exhibitions that let him be known in his territory; but his works were in continuous evolution and transformation both in the shapes and in the contents.

As a matter of facts after his works of a classical style, Guido decided to renew his art creating a new, personal style that he defines as “modern”. Lines that come from the motion of man and nature that are able to raise in a new way the emotion of wood.

In 2002 he took part in some exhibitions: “Artisti in fiera” in Parma and “Esposi” in Brescia. Subsequently he won, as personal reward to his work, the ITALART trophy during the International parade of Cremona. In 2003 he opened a new workshop and office. He doesn’t use high technological machineries, but only simple instruments linked to the use of the hands that enhance the value of the capacity and creativity of the artist.By his own he selects and cuts tree trunks in order to get always the best quality from his works.

He respects the natural dessication and he only uses ecological products that maintain the natural beauty of the wood. This is because wood is the source of his inspiration and the instrument of his art.

In 2011 he won the international prize “AWARD DESIGN” in the category of “Art and craftsmanship”.

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